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Welcome to the home of Merit Solutions Inc., a Managed Services Provider based in the Greater Toronto Area.

In 2021 this website celebrates its 18th anniversary as a truly stunning example of what websites shouldn't be. Created from a template in 2003 and meant to be a placeholder for a fully functional site, it far outlasted its original purpose. Our hope is to ensure it doesn't celebrate a 20th.


[Markham, ON] - It's been 13 years since this page has been modified. Proving just how useful "news" sections are on neglected websites. Expect changes in the year to come!

[Peterborough, ON] - Vanguard Self Storage (part of the Crestview Group of Companies) launches its new website designed and developed by Merit Solutions.

[Toronto, ON] - Canadian Mothercraft Society selects Merit Solutions to become the development and support project lead for its application CYSIS through March 2009

[Markham, ON] - Merit Solutions welcomes Loy Chan to the team as an ASP.NET software developer and IT Consultant.

[Toronto, ON] - Canadian Mothercraft Society commissions Merit Solutions to deliver report on CYSIS (Children and Youth Services Information System), a comprehensive tool designed to assist Ministry of Children and Youth Services Ontario (MCYS) Transfer Payment agencies in Toronto with data collection, management, and reporting in a streamlined, consistent manner.

[Toronto, ON] - Bay Consulting Group contracts Merit Solutions to develop survey for the Government of Ontario in order to research the funding and operation of Women's shelters across Ontario.

[North York, ON] - United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW333) selects Merit Solutions to develop its new membership and Union dues system.

[Markham, ON] -  Merit Solutions welcomes Andrew Prestwich to the team as a Systems Administrator and IT Consultant.

[North York, ON] - The Griffin Centre transitions all IT operations to Merit Solutions. Supporting over 150 employees at over 10 branches, the Griffin Centre is utilizing the resources of Merit Solutions to provide network support, helpdesk, email services, and management of its IT strategy.

[Mississauga, ON] - Stainless Process Equipment launches its new website

[Waterloo ON] - Wilfrid Laurier Students Union launches new performance appraisal module within the Merit Solutions designed HR system to allow for the evaluation of and feedback to thousands of volunteers.

[Markham, ON] - Merit Solutions launches new email security solution that provides enhanced anti-spam and antivirus service to all its customers. The new solution is based on technology provided by Ironport, the system in production at eight of the ten largest ISPs and more than 20 percent of the world's largest enterprises, having demonstrated a record of unparalleled security and reliability

[Mississauga, ON] - Stainless Process Equipment selects Merit Solutions to manage its IT operations and completely redesign its network from the ground up.

[North York, ON] - Sandor Consulting and the Griffin Centre select Merit Solutions to consult on the implementation of CYSIS (Children and Youth Services Information System) as well as a general review of IT procedures.


"I was particularly impressed today with how much has been accomplished in the last several months to get CYSIS performing to a level that approximates what we need. You Merit folks have done a great job, both in getting the task done, and in connecting with and responding to the folks who most need CYSIS to work for them."

Rick Owens - Supervisor - Community and Family Support Services
The Griffin Centre (website)

On the recent switch to Merit Solutions Hosted Email Security, Bert C. Grant commented that the project worked "Quite well in fact. I would have to say that is has been a complete success!"

Bert C. Grant - Vice President
Crestview Group of Companies (website)

"We really appreciate all the work you do for us. You are a quality individual and run a top notch company! We are very pleased with the partnership we have with you and look forward to future developments and continued success for both companies."

Devin Grady
Orbis Communications Inc.

"Merit Solutions are excellent support professionals. I use the word 'professional' infrequently, because there are lots of people who put out a shingle advertising services that they are not qualified for. This is NOT the case with Merit Solutions.

Even though they have a thorough, technical understanding of the fundamental operations of the Windows operating system , they are still able to communicate the concepts to people less familiar than they are.

In addition to their technical knowledge--and, frankly, lots of people have that--Merit Solutions has the practical experience that gives them the uncanny ability to know where to look for a problem. That's frequently more than half the battle."

Ken Schiff
Productivity Through Technology Inc.

"Supplier of the Year "

Wilfrid Laurier University Students Union announced Merit Solutions as their "Supplier of the Year" after implementation of a new online hiring system. The online system has processed 4000 applications in its 8 month initial implementation (September 2003 through April 2004).

Wilfird Laurier University Students Union - Management Committee
WLUSU (website)

"You guys have done a fine job on the new system... Even at this early stage it is far superior to what we had. Most importantly, you have the respect of the user group - that in itself will ensure success."

Craig Beggs - VP Finance and Administration
Array Marketing Group (website)


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